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The autumn after high school graduation, three young women who work at a local pizzeria in a fishing village in Connecticut try to figure out their relationships and their future. Julia Roberts. Her star power explodes in this film - and the entertainment industry took notice. Photoshop was created in the summer of The opening credits display what is definitely some Gen 1. Local news programs used to have a restaurant critic and a movie critic, which is more and more rare.

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In many ways, Mystic Pizza is the exception to the rule of how damaging '80s movies could be for teen girls because the film is about young women contemplating their future. Despite the offensive marketing see trailer abovethe film is really about the scariest time for a teen: high school is over, adulthood has officially begun, so now what? Thirty years later, very few American girls are contemplating marriage at this age and the '80s were the decade where this started changing.

It's also the decade where the question to high schoolers switched from, "are you going to college? Mystic Pizza passes the Bechdel test contains 1. Will Jojo marry Bill or talk about something other than Bill?

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Will wrong-side-of-the-tracks and "wrong ethnicity" Daisy and rich Aryan princely f-up Charlie survive the odds? Travers and Phoebe's stepmom and all live happily ever after? Jojo marries Bill and it's clear Leona will give her the pizza parlor when she retires. Even with Daisy breaking up with Charlie and making it clear she'll be fine without him and his money, he comes around; the audience know she'll be financially secure and the spitfire of the country club as Mrs.

Charles Gordon Windsor, Jr. Kat's bad experience with Izod Dad ensures her future: the burn gave her maturity and jaded wisdom as she steps into the rest of her life; she will become an astronomer and work at NASA, unlikely to fall into another fantasy romance. While it might be more responsible if one of the girls wasn't focused on romance for instance, what if Daisy was trying to do Leona's ing and took a computer course? Or, in trying to get the Fireside Gourmet to review Mystic Pizza, found she had a knack with public relations?

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In the s, young women's lives often did circulate around potential romance. Society applied pressure to have a boyfriend. Talking about boys was a primary source of conversation.

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The question is: did societal expectations put that on teen girls, is that just naturally what teen girls want to talk about, or did media and entertainment pummel young women with the message that their value was as an accessory to a male? It's hard to ignore that Mystic Pizza is also about three young women with no hang-ups about sex.

Finding three women who felt like that in the late '80s seems less realistic. The most promiscuous girl is the oldest among the friends, that makes sense. The pendulum swung hard on sex in the s. At the beginning of the decade, sexual attitudes evolved out of the swinging '60s and '70s - it was a free for all. In the mids, AIDS was a huge pail of ice cold water on the population. In fact, note how much slut-shaming occurs in the film amongst a tight group: Daisy's mom to Daisy, Kat to Daisy, and God bless Daisy for owning it.

Bill renames his boat "Nympho" as a dig to Jojo.

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She's more angry at his attempt to humiliate her than actually embarrassed. An year-old who loves having sex with her true love in the context of a long-term monogamous relationship - that's accurate, responsible and refreshing! Bill and Jojo's storyline is a joy to watch because it's so unlike what has normally been portrayed on screen.


Moviegoers aren't presented with many men who will withhold sex as a means to make their woman appreciate them. Then, there's Kat, the year-old who loses her heart, virginity and innocence to a year-old married father. The fact is, most women have been Kat at some point. Hopefully not hooking up with a married man, but getting involved with a cad -- been there, done that.

She rips up the check from Tim in the end - she doesn't need his money!

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But, of course, she does need the money to pay for Yale. Luckily, fairy godmother Leona steps in to cover it. By the way, even Leona's storyline revolves around a man. Nonsexual, of course, but Leona longs for the attention of the Fireside Gourmet and ultimately, the food critic's approval. Again, this is historically accurate since restaurant critics were and still are mostly male. But, it doesn't make the assessment any less true. The lead characters are real. It's the trio of them together that is problematic.

It's all three of their male-motivated stories combined without anyone having a non-gotta-have-a-man plot that continued to push the idea that a woman's value is connected to her appeal to men. While attending Wellesely, she became interested in photography, which led her to film. Wellesley had a partnership with MIT where students could take film and photography classes there. Scorcese was a judge.

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Would you advise me to move to New York? I was living on various sofas of friends' apartments and going to Warner Brothers, and I got to see all the cuts of Taxi Driver, all the way from three and a half hours to the final cut. And Roger called him and said, "I'm looking for a talented, inexpensive young film editor.

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So George Lucas and Spielberg saw all my cuts. And after that I was on the road to becoming a big editor. I picked the wrong [movie], I picked a Hal Ashby picture [ Second-Hand Hearts ], which was the only really unreleasable picture he ever did.

I was on that for a year and a half and learned every trick in the book of editing from Hal, who was an editing genius. But I knew then I couldn't stand being an editor, because you could make it better, but it wasn't yours. It had a prologue that had an action scene, a dialogue scene and a suspense scene. I shot it with a crew of four people on 35mm film. By that time I was supposed to start cutting E. And Roger suddenly said, "Finish this movie. Roger financed it again, and it also did very well, and once again nobody offered me anything.

Ultimately it was optioned by Samuel Goldwyn Jr. And I'm saying not one single meeting. Meanwhile, people like my apprentice editors were directing movies, who were men. It didn't actually do that well in release, but my version of the script had been incredibly well known and I began to get writing offers.

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The next one that I took was Indecent Proposal. It made me a big-name screenwriter in the era where you could make a great deal of money as that. And women were acceptable in that role, so you could get hired.

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Jones was enchanted by Mystic, Conn. Some was filmed in Mystic, but to avoid the crowds in busy tourist season, most of it was filmed in Stonington and Groton, Conn. Law," which led to a slew of film offers. He said most of them were slasher, horror, and alien films, which is actually what led to a special romantic comedy.

In the meeting, they were taken aback when he told them he wanted Mystic Pizza. Mystic Pizza was the big break for almost everyone involved. Julia Roberts struggled to make a good impression on the casting directors, even though they felt she was probably right for the role.

Roberts could only come in on a Saturday, so the Hirshenson agreed to come in during her day off just to see her. Then, she never showed up. I needed someone who could flirt and tease and enjoy her sexual power — then wilt in shame at not knowing how to use the right fork. She was Julia Roberts even then, and somehow that shone through. Yes, I thought, watching the awkward girl fidget in her chair. Here was someone who could win a belching contest with her girlfriends at the bar and then turn on the teenage charm the moment a cute boy walked in the door. Here was someone who could do what all movie stars do — make us identify with the character, rooting for her as though she was our own daughter, sister, girlfriend, as though she were somehow standing in for us.

This film contains examples of:

And when the now prepared actress read the audition scene, she simply knocked it out of the ballpark. A few years before I saw Dinera brilliant film made by Barry Levinson, about young men and their expectations of life. I wanted to do the same thing about girls.

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So I started looking for a story and I found a script on which a lot of rewriting was done. Basically it was about three girls whose prospects in life were limited by their background. Unfortunately, when I saw it, she was awful.

And most importantly, there was a kind of a fire and a lost quality at the same time, which people love, it was all there!

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